Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Huh...an odd mix of a day, from utter boredom walking around a tiny gallery, to planning my life with one of my co-workers. (Teaching English overseas). And she wants me to write a poem for her to paint a picture to. She's an artist and I'm....a poet??? And I also met 2 new friends, Henry, from Sudan and Geeta from Nicaraugua who were at the museum with their school.

My friend Esther who I met while in SA is here! Yessssss!!! She's from Malaysia! And Dustin and Chris are coming from Edmonton to visit and Lana lives here now and so does Dade and we're gonna have a party and it'll be like South Africa all over again except different cuz it's actually Canada..........I love people!


mike said...

hmmmm, who would'a thunk it! Calgery! The happen'n place to be.

(a twinge of of jelousy rises up and bites at the heels of rational thought)

When everyone gets there tell them I said hi.

Jess said...

Whose the artist? Karen?

Nicole said...

No, Joan...hey, guess who's back at the museum as of yesterday? Melinda!

Hey Mikey! I know how you feel! I was sooooo jealous when you all got back from outreach and were hanging out together! But my jealousy was more than a twinge!!!