Tuesday, September 06, 2005

How Many Canadianisms Can You Spot In This Entry? Go!

It gets dark now by 8:30pm, the leaves are turning colour and falling,....but oddly, I am looking forward to seeing the city all covered in snow, just gotta go buy me some very warm mitts and a TOQUE!!!

Drinking diet pepsi...belching loudly...I think to mydelf, hmmm, my belch sounded like the opening notes to 'Living On A Prayer' by Bon Jovi....roomate proclaimes exact same thing....tearful laughful ensues...are we one person?

Just watched Canadian Idol on TV, yes, I watch Canadian Idol, we only have one lonely channel and we'll watch pretty much any dumb thing on it EXCEPT Tommy Lee goes to college! I absolutely refuse to watch it and will promptly turn off the TV when it comes on because folks, THERE IS A LINE!!!!

The Barenaked Ladies are my heroes! Who else can write a song about a window washer and make it sound so meaningful and heart-wrenching? Yah, they're my heroes!


mike said...

I raise my glass to you musical belching, candaianism droping, Canadian idol refusing self.

I miss nicole!

Nicole said...

miss you too dude!