Thursday, September 15, 2005


My little brother is 23 years old today.

My little brother willingly puts himself in danger to protect other people as he fights fires or extricates people from their smashed up cars

My little brother just bought a house!

My little brother used to let me dress him up in my clothes, NOW, if I tried that, my little brother can pick me up and swing me around.

My little brother has always been the 'spoiled brat' that I was jealous of, NOW, I am the one spoiling him! (He's just so darn cute)!

My little brother will kill me for plastering this all over the internet, but I don't care.

My little brother is not so little anymore and I am so glad we are the best friends that we are.

I might even let him talk me into playing board games tonight!



Scotty said...

I am the little brother and yes I am going to kick your butt. But not tonight, I'll save that for later.

Chase said...

that was a beautiful tribute. you're giving me some ideas for when my "little" brother's b-day comes round!

Nicole said...

Yah, they get to you that way!

mike said...

...I miss my sisters...