Monday, September 19, 2005

The Constant Gardener

Saturday night I went to see 'The Constant Gardener' with Shannon and Stu, a long time friend of ours. Stu is great! He's a writer and poet, drinks espresso, takes long walks around China Town and knows what's important. Relationships. Though I admit, having Shannon the genius and expert conversationalist along with Stu the writer/poet, was kind of intimidating. Good thing we were watching a movie so I didn't have to talk.

So, the movie is about this British diplomat and his very 'passionate about her cause' wife. They live and work in Kenya and the movie is mainly about him having to uncover a bunch of lies to get to the truth about his wife....I don't know how much to write cuz I don't want to give it away but it has to do with big pharmaceutical companies and drug testing in Africa. They actually shot a lot of the movie in Kenya. It looked like the dodgy townships we came across in Cape Town, but the people were beautiful! The music! The setting! So good! Go see it.


mike said...

Dodgy!...ok ya, but I still love good ol' crossorads.

Nicole said...

I just really like to use that word, dodgy!

auntie Shannon said...

I still can't believe that you think of me as a ...what was it... genius and expert conversationalist. Don't you know you're one of the smartest (and I mean that in the cool slightly British way as well as the street smart way and especially in the just fully able to put one little finger on the very pulse of what matters absolutely most in the crucialest of moments kind of way) people out there??!!

come on, back me up here people.

(well, if any of you are reading way back into 2005 like me cause I've been a bad room mate and haven't really taken a good languid stroll around Nic's blog before....)