Wednesday, August 31, 2005

iPod Shuffle

Ahhhh...finally a day off! I am now working 2 jobs, not an uncommon thing, but for me, exhausting! I'm still at the coffee shop and now back at the museum. I finally figured out that I need a day off every 6 days at least, after working 9 in a row! So, I slept in until the door bell rang when I had to dress myself half-asleep and run up the stairs to open the door to my new iPod shuffle! I got it free after switching banks, which was a no-brainer for me anyway since my previous bank SUCKED! Well, I can't say any of them are paticularily great, but the free iPod sure helped! I immediately opened it, installed it and was later found dancing around my kitchen with the tiny thing around my neck! I LOVE dancing when no one's around. Very freeing! Then I took my new favorite piece of plastic out for a run! Beautiful! Now, the only thing I need is some really GOOD African/World beat music to download onto my shuffle and I will be instantly transported to that happy place I like to call escape! Beautiful escape!

Back in the world of reality, which is not all bad of course, it's just not all exotic or adventurous or Africa, I am fully enjoying my tiny little apartment, my crazy, understanding roomate/bestest girlfriend Shannon (hey Mike, we had an after 10pm discussion that involved poetry reading-you'd be proud), having my pastor living upstairs with Stacey (his wife) and the twins who call me 'Cole', and the last few weeks of summer spent frequenting festivals like Afrikadey and Expo Latino and Atomic (a bubble tea smoothie cafe).

In the next few weeks I start presenting my Health Education Project for my church and our outreaches which I created for my HIV/Aids school. I'm excited to have something to be focused on and to see what I actually get out of it myself. Should be....revealing.

I can't believe it's freakin' September tomorrow! Have I mentioned I'm more than a little nervous about winter??? Shannon and I have taken to turning the oven on to warm up our place and it's still +20 C out there! Ouch!

Hope all of you are doing well. Keep me updated on your lives!

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mike said...

(sniffl) after 10! then it must have been a good one...after 12=a great convo!

Hey you are going to get to use your HIP too. So did I in Bot. Oh but I must confess I stole some things from your HEP.

Oh Damn! I just realized I'm going to be leaving winter to go to's so freak'n cold here.