Sunday, July 31, 2005

Welcome To My New Home!

Well, I've finally made it! I am in my own place! We moved all the rest of my stuff and all of Shannon's stuff today with the help of my family! Thanx guys! Then Shannon and I went shopping for necessities like a toilet cleaning brush, a garbage can, shower curtain and iced coffees! (It was a record 31 degrees here in Calgary! Yessss!!! We needed to rehydrate).

It feels sooooo nice to finally have a place to call my home. Tonight, after our fine dinner of KD, we decided to chill, drank some wine, ate cheese and grapes and watched Garden State on my laptop. It was a nice way to begin our new living arrangement! Cheers to our new place!

That's it, that's all for now cuz I'm pooped from the day!


Anonymous said...

mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmcheese and garden state and warm weather.


Michelle said...

Hey anonymous, this is Nicole's sister. When you comment, if you choose the OTHER option and juct leave the web page part balnk then it will let you type your name and we'll see that the comments are from you. So, unless you want to STAY anonymous because ypou are kind of insecure and/or shy or maybe you are agoraphobic even around the internet even though that's technically not a crow of people, it's just a screen and you really don't have to talk to anyone at all so in a sense we are all anonymous and so...what was I saying???

Nicole said...

I looooovvvvveeee my seeester!

Mike Ozaki said...

hey hey look it worked! Thanks nicole's sister michelle, for edifying me. Though it does mean fighting my dabilitating shyness. ask anyone. it's an overpowering aura over my life. But thanks for pointing the way to freedom.

Nicole said...

This is soooo cool. You guys are like meeting eachother for the first time in some strange e-world....michelle, meet mike, mike, meet michelle (she can't spell either)!

mike said...