Friday, July 08, 2005


These are not just ANY pancakes, check out the insignia on the butter! Those are Calgary Stampede pancakes! Mmmmm.... Posted by Picasa

Yup! The Stampede has officially begun. 10 days of cowboys (both real and fake), disgusting, greasy, but oh-so-tasty midway food, fireworks, tourists, First Nations folks living in teepees, livestock and the SMELL of livestock and hopefully, higher than 25 degree days! I'm soooo sick of being so cold all the time!

Man! I love Calgary!


Jess said...

did you want to come on Wednesday night? Give me a call!

Anonymous said...

My favourite part of Stampede is watching all the tourists in their fake cowboy hats nad red bandanas walking around town. They LOVE this crap! They have no idea that we don't dress like morons all the time with little sherrif badges on our shirts and cowboy boots that have never touched a mote of cow manure!! What would happen if we were exposed for the frauds we were?
Oh well, they seem to be having fun and there is no shortage of willing Calgarians to play dress-up for them. Boy, do I sound bitter this morning. I think you kept me out too late last night chicky!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey it's ok. I got the next best thing here. A Canadian to make them for me. Except he put corn in it the other day...which turned out to be really good. Good ol' Dylan!