Sunday, July 17, 2005

Experiencing Technical Difficulties

Ha! Sorry for not updating in a while. I just bought a wireless card for my laptop because the place I'm moving into is wireless (yipee)! But I couldn't get it to connect to the internet until now. Just to point out, I figured it out all on my own!!! I'm developing into a real techno-babe! Yessssss!
I have moved now. Not everything, but all the stuff I had in the room I stayed in at the Dancey's (THE DANCEY'S ROCK)!!!! Thanx guys for putting up with me for 2 months! So now I am occupying a room in the upstairs of my pastor's house. He and his family will eventually move up here and I will be downstairs with roomie Shannon (we lived together with my sister about 4 years ago in a wicked place in Hillhurst! I miss that place). Then I will begin the responsible actions of paying rent, cleaning up after myself, buying groceries and all that jazz! Not that I wasn't doing that before, well, everything except for the rent thing. (THE DANCEY'S ROCK)!!!! Thanx for letting me mooch off of you for 2 months! I'm still working at the coffee shop and soon I will start back at the museum (I can't get away from that place)! I still have no plans for the immediate or near distant future. I keep wondering if I want to go back to school, and if so, to study what? International development? Social work? Bible College? UofA to study French and Arabic. (Don't ask).

Shannon and I went to the Stampede last night. We scored free tickets and decided to just go ahead and do the Stampede thing. I can't believe how many people actually dress up now! I remember when it was definitely NOT cool to dress western for the Stampede unless you did it so you could wear jeans to work for a change...anyway, now it's the fashion to have a beat up and faded looking cowboy hat made out of straw. Not a pristine white Stetson. It reminds me of my buddy Mike's hat and he's from LA. Are we being influenced by those tres fashionable Americans again? I have to admit, I almost bought a lacy, faded lime green hat; the edges all bent out of shape but not to wear in Calgary. Heavens no! To take with me to the next foreign country I go to, because for some reason, it seems much cooler that way, cuz I'd be the only one to have a crazy lime green cowboy hat! I think I'M being influenced here!

We walked around the grounds, tried to gain a bit of culture in Indian Village (since when is it ok to say "Indian"? I thought we were supposed to be politically correct and say "First Nations.") Then we went to the exhibition hall to watch all the demonstrations (make your life easier cooking utensils/appliances, fancy new tools for the tool box, jewelry, clothes, art, cars...)The art section was awesome!
Then we decided to get a beer in the casino but being the big drinkers we are, we both left almost half our drinks in there in favor of mini-donuts and corndogs instead. First we watched David Usher play and sing, he is really good live! I like his hair.
We finshed off by freezing our tooshies off waiting for the fireworks on the hill in front of the Saddledome. It was worth the wait. They were really brilliant. Now I can say I've been there, done that, for this year at least. It's all over today. It's kinda sad cuz then there really isn't much left of summer. Just August and half of September if we're lucky. Oh Lord, how am I going to survive winter? Isn't there a warm country I can run off to???

Well, just one last sentence or two. My friend Jessica flew off to Louisiana today to meet up with her army dude fiance. She'll be becoming an American pretty soon, and starting a whole new life there. Don't forget us way up here freezing in Canada! Be blessed Jess!



Anonymous said...

Wow I must say this is one of the most extensive blog updates I have ever seen. Well done.

Nicks you really should just stop fighting it. I don't know about the American influence but the Mike sphere is Inescapable. And, Oh Oh...California is warm! and I'm gonna need somone to split rent with come next winter!

Oh and just so you know, chicks that speak Arabic are H.O.T. don't try to explain just is.


Nicole said...

Mmmmm....warm winter....tempting, oh-so-tempting

Jess said...

First of all, he's AIR FORCE! Not Army! lol. Finally got connected today, miss you!!