Saturday, July 30, 2005

Different Is OK

This is when I know I am...well...different...
  • My fellow Calgarians comment on the extreme 30 degree C weather while I am finally just getting comfortable again. (I've been so cold).
  • Fellow staff members don't comment on my choice of music on the radio- a mix of French West African/World beat rhythms, they just give me weird looks
  • The suprising passion that rises up in me when someone mentions anything having to do with, Africa or other developing nations, poverty, race, war, disease etc. etc. And my shock right after, of the lack of equal passion in those I'm talking with (I think I'm coming off just a bit too strong).

I don't mind being different, in fact, I may strive to be my own person in a world that dictates everything I ought to say, do, believe, want...but it does get a bit lonely. God, don't you think I ought to go back to Africa?

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I always feel bad for people who think that things like that are so different or strange. It's kind o flike seeing a bird in a cage who thinks that is as big as the world is. But most people don't even want out of their cage.