Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Bailey's Milkshakes and Tofu Burritos

I finally got in touch with my Sudanese family who I got to know before I went to S.A. They are refugees who had spent 2 years in Egypt before they got to come here. We made a plan to meet up and I was SO excited! I brought presents from S.A. and my camera...but after travelling 3 hours on various buses, I could not find their house! It was the most absurd thing! It should have been #58. So I walked past #60, then #56, but no 58. I even asked the neighbor, but they didn't know. So I walked and walked and walked for probably an hour trying to find their house and ended up having to go home after all that! Another hour and a half! I was tired, a little sunburned with blisters now forming on the bottom of my feet. The last walk up the hill to my house was done barefoot (made me think of South Africans running around everywhere barefoot).
Turns out, I got the house number wrong. It was something like 240! Not 58! How'd I mess that up? I was so frustrated by then I just had to make a Bailey's milkshake to calm my nerves! So, I'm gonna try again on Sunday. I'll let you know how it turns out!

My mom, in an effort to help me feel better, took me out the next day to my doc appt, so I didn't have to take the bus! Then she lovingly helped me pick out ingredients to make tofu burritos that she and my stepdad gobbled up as though it was really great! I mean, they weren't bad, but I just love that they are willing to experience the wierd and bizarre with me. I know one day they will come and work with me somewhere in Africa! How amazing would that be?


Anonymous said...

That's completly understandable...I mean it could happen to anyone 58, 240. There very similar. I get them mixed up all the time. ;)

Wait you mom wanted to make you feel better, so she took you to the Docter?? Next time I would jut ask for sweets.

Tofu Burritos?? Your such a good canadian. I'm surprised you could still be hungry after all those free pancake breakfasts. (Stampede is still on right!?)


Nicole said...

Ya know, sarcasm can be READ too!!!

Michelle said...

mmmm...bailey's milkshake...mmmmm....

you know, I had a trip once in Ethiopia that was so terrible, let me tell you about it. We lined up for half an hour to board the bus then when the bus opened its doors, the line suddenly disintegrated (very un-Candaian) and we had to push and shove to get a seat. The seats were so close together that my knees were bruised from hitting the seat in front.(Ethiopian roads being just a tads bumpy) We had some kind of breakdown which appeared to be a hole in the gas tank. The guys(while smoking) plugged the hole with tissue paper and we merrily continued down the road until the paper fell out so then they tried part of a mop to plug the hole. That didn't work either so 15 minutes outside Addis they dumped us on the side of the road and we had to find our own way home. We eventually found a taxi, thank the Lord.

Now, here's the interesting part-I love that story and I will enjoy telling it for the rest of my life but if it happended to me in Calgary I would be totally irate!!!
What's up with that???


Peggy said...

To my amazing daughter, Nicole...Yes, I hope and pray that Rolly and I can go
with you to Africa someday...and the tofu burritos were great!! You make our
lives special because of your amazing spirit of love for all people. I'm so
proud of you..Love Mom